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Pleasant Things Work Better – UX Magazine

Pleasant Things Work Better | UX Magazine

“There’s a vast difference between making a design that doesn’t suck and creating one that people will love to use.”

As usual, decent read on UX…

How Accountants Kill Innovation

This article shows the value in taking small steps (sort of like agile) toward a project while continuing to assess its value can lead to great rewards rather than trying to assess all of the value up front prior to doing any investment.

A good, short read.

How Accountants Kill Innovation


Cropper. Free SnagIt alternative with source code – worth a look… Does what you wish Print Screen would do.

Make Magazine

Make magazine…

I find this sort of zany stuff inspiring and keeps me thinking about what I could make, it is a cool feed to follow.

Here is the link to the make magazine page…

USB Cigar Flash Memory (with LEDs).

or the seed bomb…

This site is cool…

.Net Regular Expression for Common Fields

Regular Expressions are very handy but sometimes can be daunting depending on what you need to validate. I recently needed a regular expression and decided this would be a good ongoing blog to write. I have a few I will add here as time permits.

This one is good for amounts (whole dollar amount, dollar with decimal, dollar amount with both cents digits):

Zip Code:

US Phone Number (ddd)ddd-dddd:

A great tool (and a source for more regular expressions) can be found at:

Silver Bullet Ranger – To suspend or not to suspend?


Here is another quick article about the Ranger product. There is a function in the Ranger control for suspending an item. This basically puts the item on hold. It was a quandary to me if I should use this and I found that some transports want it (even need it like the Unisys CAPI transport), and others will not tolerate it (like desktop scanners that need a decision on the item and will not wait regardless of whether you call suspend or not).

The bottom line is to use suspend unless you are running a transport that requires it be not used. It makes life a bit easier as you can go about other processes and pick up the item processing task later (i.e. you don’t have to run everything you are doing from a Ranger event before pocketing the item).

Again I will post more on this if someone picks up this thread and wishes for more info.