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Make Magazine

Make magazine…

I find this sort of zany stuff inspiring and keeps me thinking about what I could make, it is a cool feed to follow.

Here is the link to the make magazine page…

USB Cigar Flash Memory (with LEDs).

or the seed bomb…

This site is cool…

Essentials Blue Silly Song


Yes, it’s silly. SOMEone had to do it…

I feel so good I got a busy mind
I’ve got homework all the time
Since I started puttin in time
On essentials Blue

Saving nickles saving dimes
essentials red is coming in a short time
These have been some happy times
On essentials Blue

I’m going up someday
to see Dan’s face
from essentials Blue
to the great white north
the chilly home
of essentials blue

Where the dreamers and poets
and astrophysicists
can all begin to see
We’re creators all
and must answer the call
a fully human being

No I’m not blue
My dreams came true
On Essentials Blue

Here we have something old and new (a Gumby from when I was a kid and another that was from my niece last Christmas. We also have an old song with new lyrics.
I am somehow driven to do this stuff even though it makes it looks like (as Robin said) “You have too much time on your hands.” Though it is obvious how much time I spent on this recording…