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Tribute to my Grandpa

I recently was asked on a social forum who I would like to have dinner with, and I answered with this post..

My adopted grandfather, Leslie H. Burns (actually Leslie Horatio Seleca Boyer Burns). He worked on a farm breaking horses and plowing in his youth up in western Canada, then lived in P.E.I. and then married and lived in Massachusetts. He met the Lord in his 40’s and God forever changed him.

He started seminary after taking his GED (or whatever they called it then). He got to the math and said “God if you want me to be a preacher, You’ll have to help me with this!” He told me “Then it all seemed just like common sense.” He went on to pastor several churches and capture the hearts of many people. It is his life often that encourages me that it is never too late to make a difference. He preached and acted as an interim pastor right into his 90’s.

My mom met him and his wife Myrtle at a church in Manchester, NH, and they adopted each other. He had a banjo clock that when I was little he would bring me to and open up the innards and show me the pendulum. He never had children of his own and cherished his time with mom and with us.

God called me to be a worship leader and song writer when he was in his 90’s and I was living a too busy life. He died only a few years after that and I miss him still though it has been about 12 years.

I had a dream a few months after he died. He was at a church office and was taking things out of his briefcase and putting them into mine. I said “Wait! I want you to tell me more about Jesus.” He smiled one of those smiles that comes from a lot of years of knowing and said “You let Jesus tell you about Jesus.”

I miss him. I know that still in my life I don’t live as dedicated to the Lord and as consistent in prayer as he did. I can remember as a boy living above his room (he lived for a while with us when he retired), hearing him cry out to God for one person after another every night. He prayed for me every day.

I look forward to eternity where we can not only do lunch, but spend time in worship and communion together again.

Essentials Blue Intro

This is an initial posting to this new blog to introduce it. Last year while with Robin Lyle at a Vineyard Worship Leaders retreat, I got to hear Dan Wilt speak about “The Elemental Worshipper.”

This was about the roots of worship and addressed the whys of worship in a very quick trip over the landscape as Dan saw it.

He spoke of bringing worship into our everyday, and that’s how I have always felt it should be. So often I see folks who live life in narrow segregated bands and when they get to church, it’s like they “change channels” and now they’re in worship mode. Quite often this only lasts for the music, and they will change channels back for the rest of the gathering. But it’s all worship! Everything we do can be done to God’s glory or to glorify something / someone else. So it’s a continuum. The only thing that changes is the vehicle we are using to express our worship (driving a truck to earn money, speaking with someone on the phone, yes, singing, and even (something I struggle to be worshipful while I do) driving in traffic). These times of our life all contain their own unique opportunity for us to express worship.

So I could very much relate to his view of integrating worship and prayer into everything, but Dan had obviously spent a lot more time working on this perspective. He had some depth from study and finding out what others who believed similarly had seen and written. I felt the loss and lack and immediately wanted to learn more of what he had discovered.

So when this course became a possibility for me to take, I jumped on that opportunity.

Thanks Dan! Thanks Will! Hi fellow students!


Robb and KathyThis is my first blog post ever. I have written lots of other places, but never started a blog. So here we are. About me…

I have a great wife (Kathy), 5 kids (!) and less hair on my head than I would like.

Kathy is a great wife / friend / partner and has put up with me for over 20 years. Pretty good stuff. Marriage is worth the effort, and family is a great adventure. I can’t imagine doing anything worth doing without God, and I give Him credit for us still being happily married, and for blessing us with our great kids.

My oldest daughter (15) just went on a trip to Mexico with our church. She has a heart for people and I’m sure will really shine given the opportunity. She’ll be back later this week.

My other 3 daughters and my son are here with us ages 1 – 13. I love my family. I am very thankful.

OK, well. First post – done.