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This Is The Secret To Being Truly Successful

Loved this!

… The harder challenge is to do what is hard and fair and noble even when you don’t feel like it at all, when you are “sick and tired” and tired and sick.

Every day matters. Every minute matters.

There are no sick days. So get that out of your head, grab your sword, and start swinging.

via This Is The Secret To Being Truly Successful.

Pleasant Things Work Better – UX Magazine

Pleasant Things Work Better | UX Magazine

“There’s a vast difference between making a design that doesn’t suck and creating one that people will love to use.”

As usual, decent read on UX…

How Accountants Kill Innovation

This article shows the value in taking small steps (sort of like agile) toward a project while continuing to assess its value can lead to great rewards rather than trying to assess all of the value up front prior to doing any investment.

A good, short read.

How Accountants Kill Innovation