Dear Google

Google Account Disabled


I have been locked out and not even told why.

For people like me who drank the KoolAid, this is a huge disappointment. That you would lock up my account (read: Phone, Email, Text / Hangouts, PlayStore, Google Docs) and not give me a way to get involved and make it right. It’s terribly frustrating.

Tomorrow I am headed out on a holiday when I was going to work on my writing (all on google drive / docs).

I have Gmail (and have told all of my contacts that I prefer it). I have hundreds of files committed to Google drive (including three novels), that I thought were backed up because I have a local Google drive, but the Google Docs files are only links unlike every other file (my bad for not checking this I suppose). But these files represent 100’s of hours of work and I was entrusting them to your cloud.

I have Google Voice and almost bought the Google cell phone plan.

Not anymore. My cell won’t receive or call out on my Google voice number. You locked up everything and won’t tell me why.

Up til now I have been telling everyone that Google products are the way to go, and that they work great. But this lockdown of my work and communications has me rethinking it all. Time to diversify.

I was going to blog about how integrated it all is, and easy to use. I will now instead be blogging about how fast you can lose it all with no way to communicate with the people who locked it down. Getting a person on the phone is impossible so far.

Is this true for any other phone service?

No phone number. Not even a small indication of why it’s locked out. What am I to do? You have monopolized my everyday workflow and given me no recourse.

This is no good. I will tell all of my friends. You had an evangelist. You still have one.

Very disappointed. I would share on Google+ , but I can’t get there.

People need to diversify – have their email with one provider, their cell service with another, their website, yet another, and their important files should not be trusted to the cloud. Keep a local copy. Back up every time.

Don’t trust Google. Your data will be held hostage.

You’ve been warned.

A former Google user.

MORE INFO: This apparently happens to people all the time. Sometimes their account gets unlocked magically after some time has passed. As far as I can tell, it’s rare to be told why your account was locked, and even more rare to get to speak with a person.

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