Why You Should use Nano – Right Now.

If you have ever stood up a web service, you know that there can be many obstacles to success. In the Microsoft stack, we went from leveraging the TCP/IP transport layer, to WCF (gotta love that XML config, and WSDL / SOAP), to WebAPI under MVC. I have spent days getting WCF working. I have spent hours getting WebAPI running. It’s all been some amount of good, as we got the job done, and it kept getting better. But it was never really easy, although WebAPI is not bad…

But Randy Burden and David Whitlark at Ambit Energy Labs have just released a spectacular little project called nano (it’s not at v.1.00, but we are using it now). I was told it would be easy to set up a web service. I expected given a day I could probably wrap my head around it and have something running.

I knew from reading about it that I would need a public class that had static methods that Nano would then turn into a web service. So I worked on my class and got a reasonable set of methods together to test with.

Ok, time to wire it up.

I downloaded the nuget package for Nano at https://www.nuget.org/packages/Nano, and then set up my little console app using the approach they had published in a sample. I replaced the name of the class and a few words on the program.cs code.

One minute later; yes one minute – I had a page up and running that enumerated the public static parameters, and would run my methods from a test page.

This is a slick little tool that you should definitely try. It can be extended in many ways – serving up data or web pages, making custom responses, etc.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a shot!

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