Monthly Archives: March 2012

Windows Service testing

This is a handy way to test your windows service; something I have been doing for awhile. I was looking at it recently, and thought it might be handy for someone else:

public static class Program
/// The main entry point for the application. /// 

public static void Main()
#if (!DEBUG)
  ServiceBase[] ServicesToRun;
  ServicesToRun = new ServiceBase[] { new MyWinService() };
  //Debug code: this allows the process to runĀ 
  // as a non-service. It will kick off the
  // service start point, and then run theĀ 
  // sleep loop below.
  MyWinService service = new MyWinService();
  // Break execution and set done to true to run Stop()
  bool done = false;
  while (!done)

By using this approach, you can compile a release version of the service that runs like a service, and while debugging, you can run the loop in the debug section that allows you to break and set done and fully test your startup and shutdown code.