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Visual Studio 2008 Solution Explorer Folders are not sorted – workaround

Sometimes it seems that Microsoft is good at some complicated things and can’t sort out some very simple ones. The solution explorer in Visual Studio (I am currently using 2008) allows you to create solution folders to contain groups of projects and it makes for a very effective way to consistently find projects when looking in solution. However, it doesn’t sort these in any particular order (I read that it is order of appearance). In taking a quick look in the .sln file, I did not find any indication of any ordering, and the order of appearance in that file did not seem to have any bearing on the order in the solution explorer.

With a quick search I found that there is a workaround that is pretty simple:

1. Select a solution folder and press F2 (as if you are renaming the folder)
2. Hit return (no need to rename the folder). The folders will be alphabetically ordered.
3. Collapse all of the folders in the solution explorer.
4. Close the solution.
5. Reopen the solution.

The solution should reopen with the folders still ordered correctly.

Here’s where I found the solution:
VS2008 Solution Explorer order is a mess! | Microsoft Connect

Note: Even this does not seem to stick. I will update when I get an idea of what does…