Silver Bullet Ranger – To suspend or not to suspend?


Here is another quick article about the Ranger product. There is a function in the Ranger control for suspending an item. This basically puts the item on hold. It was a quandary to me if I should use this and I found that some transports want it (even need it like the Unisys CAPI transport), and others will not tolerate it (like desktop scanners that need a decision on the item and will not wait regardless of whether you call suspend or not).

The bottom line is to use suspend unless you are running a transport that requires it be not used. It makes life a bit easier as you can go about other processes and pick up the item processing task later (i.e. you don’t have to run everything you are doing from a Ranger event before pocketing the item).

Again I will post more on this if someone picks up this thread and wishes for more info.

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