My Worldview

For: The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen’s University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.

Tony Green, who played bass with Kevin Prosch in several bands best sums up my world view. Once when talking to him about outreach combined with playing at worship conferences, he said:

“It’s all worship…”

Once we have really seen Creator God and understood His loving plan, as NT Wright has said in many passages that we have read, worship is not an issue of compulsion, but the only reasonable response to God.

And so getting up (God what do You want to do today?), brushing our teeth (I take care of this body in honor of the One who gave it to me and to stay useful in my life and the Kingdom), etc. Paul’s “living sacrifice” is taking an “It’s all worship” view into every part of life and applying it. [1]

God, desiring voluntary relationship created us in His image with the ability to choose Him or not, yet with a purposeful makeup that is incomplete without Him. His genius design made us to be fulfilled doing the very thing He desires of us: to know Him, to love Him, to commune with Him.

What Happened?
Being the independent sort, we lost our communion nearly as soon as we were given it. This created a need for justice. Consequently, because God is committed to love us, it also created the first human need for mercy and grace.

Our disobedience brought separation and created a break in our relationship with God and so God in His Son stepped into time bringing together Heaven and Earth with His presence here as a human. He took our disobedience and missing the mark and paid the price that justice demanded by giving His life and declared forgiveness.

In this sacrifice and resurrection, Jesus made a bridge back to communion with God. And He sent us the Holy Spirit. This was a gift of great proportion allowing us to become the temple of God’s presence, no longer a building where we would meet, but carried in our human hearts. [2]

What is the Kingdom of God?
Now, by guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can listen to God’s voice, fully expectant to hear Him, and respond to how God directs us in obedience. Obedience is the primary evidence of worship throughout history, and is our first calling of worship.

Our obedience to show mercy, to declare God’s goodness, and to speak out for those who have no voice bring the Kingdom of God to the world. Our open arms to others, making space and time for their needs, and gathering to declare our love for God and one another, expresses the Kingdom of God in the human family. Our identity that we take on to reflect to others as it reflects God’s character, expresses the Kingdom of God by the Church. [3]

Our delightful ending is when God makes all things new and the Kingdom of God comes in completion. The thin places that we sought will now be replaced by God presence. Our faith “replaced” by “face to face.” It will no longer be an unseen world in which we trust, but a seen redeemed world in which we live and thrive. [4][5]

We will have a new name, a new heaven and earth where God reigns and we govern under His Lordship. All of our senses, every fruit, vegetable, and coffee bean will be truly “organic!” The physical world renewed is a joyous thought.

Maranatha, Lord! Come Lord Jesus!

1. Rom 12:1-2
2. 1 Cor 3:16
3. Isa 58:6-12
4. 1 Cor 13:10-12, Rev 21:1-5
5. NT Wright, IW Worship All, pg. 316-318


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