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Life and Music


My friend Lonnie sent me this, and it made sense to me. I thought I would share a link to it. Life is all about the journey. If you always focus on destinations, and never look at the journey that gets you there, you miss most of life.

This flash piece put it very well.


Robb and KathyThis is my first blog post ever. I have written lots of other places, but never started a blog. So here we are. About me…

I have a great wife (Kathy), 5 kids (!) and less hair on my head than I would like.

Kathy is a great wife / friend / partner and has put up with me for over 20 years. Pretty good stuff. Marriage is worth the effort, and family is a great adventure. I can’t imagine doing anything worth doing without God, and I give Him credit for us still being happily married, and for blessing us with our great kids.

My oldest daughter (15) just went on a trip to Mexico with our church. She has a heart for people and I’m sure will really shine given the opportunity. She’ll be back later this week.

My other 3 daughters and my son are here with us ages 1 – 13. I love my family. I am very thankful.

OK, well. First post – done.